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Art of toy pianos

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Typatune 1940s

In 1940s, typatune was a toy invented by Alex Rose, this special antique item was original built for children to learn typing and music in the same time with the building idea combine with typewriter and piano. 


The typatune presented in the video has 32 keys and the music was improvised by toypianist Hua-Hsuan Lee.

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Toy piano "Opera 1970s"

This 36-key wooden toy piano is an antique instrument around 1970s with French brand "Opera". It was made for children to learn piano playing as beginners. This instrument makes unique voice as bell-tone sound from churches. In the video you can hear a short prelude from Bach performed by toypianist Hua-Hsuan Lee. 

Toypiano and five string cello

This is a "set-performance" based on the idea of performance from cello and carillon on Bach cello Suite No.3.

The composition on toy piano is "Simple suite" composed by composer Geert d'Hollander which original is for carillon. In this special concert Hua-Hsuan transformed it on her michelsonne-37 toy piano with amplified system in the concert hall with Jeroen den Herder on five-string cello.

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