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About me

Early education and awards

Born in Tainan, Taiwan. Hua-Hsuan began her piano studies at the age of five when she studied in the young talent class with Taiwanese pianist Wei-Lung Li and his wife Chun-Ju Yen. After finishing her bachelor degree in Tainan National University of the Arts, Hua-Hsuan continued her studies in Germany with the esteemed Russian pianist Stepan Simonian at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theatre Hamburg where she graduated from her master with distinction. During her studies, Hua-Hsuan took masterclasses with worldwide maestros such as Boris Slutsky, Vladimir Tropp, Natalia Troull, Sergei Glavatskikh ,Victor Rausenbau,David kuyken,Paul Komen and also with Igor Roma, Enrico Pace and Piero Rattalino in the International Imola Piano Academy.


As a talented pianist, Hua-Hsuan Lee has been awarded prizes in numerous national and international competitions in her young age, including the first prize of International Cross-Strait International Music Competition(2015), the first prize of International Violin & Piano Competition of Vienna (2011), the first prize of Taiwan Music Competition (2007) , the second prize of Taiwan National Student Competition(2007) and recently she has awarded as 3ème Prix à l'unanimité of International Music Competition in 2022.

Later on, she was invited by International Cellofestival Zutphen, performed with great maestros Gavriel Lipkind and Jeroen den Herder in Theater en Congrescentrum Hanzehof, Zutphen with live concert which broadcasted by Dutch national radio NPO.



Toy piano playing

Being a highly sensitive and explortative artist, Hua-Hsuan has unusual sensation and deep desire of searching in

ifferent artistic way of self-expression. She is a curious and challenging pianist who is speaking with her unique

voice in music, eventually it led to her enchantment with the toy piano. Since finding the first toy piano, she continued

to acquire many others, including 1940s rare typatune. In 2023 Hua-Hsuan has made her first debut on the

instrument in the concert serie "Den Herder op Zondag", presenting her beloved 36-key toy piano (brand "opera") 

with a piece "Nightmare rag" for piano/toypiano by Tobby Twinning. 

The concert received a big positive reaction and feedback, since then she continues to search different way

of working with outstanding musician and composers, to give a stage for the voice of  these unique instruments.

Concerts and festivals

Next to her career as a soloist, Hua-Hsuan has a big passion for chamber music. Her great talent was

discovered by the Dutch cellist Jeroen den Herder and since 2016 they have worked together as piano/cello duo.

Their duo has been invited to perform in numerous international festivals such as the Cellofestival Zutphen(2017-), International Beethoven festival Zutphen (2018), International Gümüşlük Classical Music Festival (2019,Turkey) and Festival Lluc Mallorca(2019) and also perform regularly in their own series-concerts, “Den Herder op Zondag” in Zutphen. In these concert series they mainly focus on performing virtuosic classic contemporary music and bring diverse sites of music to the public.


Most recently she is working as pianist and program coordinator in Cello Academy Zutphen.

She is holding Bösendorfer grand piano(1975) which supported by Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds.

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